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What you see before your eyes is Teemu Kiiskilä's internet-portfolio / homesite.

I am a musician, known by the name Ernesto Aeroflot. Ernesto is not my alter ego. He is more like a guy I work with.

The year I was born was 1982. Actually, a little happened. Just the same shit you hear everyday. Some groups are fighting about some stupid places. Usually both the groups reclaim the place because it is HOLY for them. Each of the group think the place is HOLIER if they CONTROL it, and the other group should not be allowed to even walk in the place.

Some people were killed, a lot of people were born. Some guy said something stupid, and because he said what he said, something stupid happened, and again some people were killed. And because some MORE people were killed, some people revolted. After the revolt, some charity foundation gave away some MONEY.

A lot of drugs were sold, and because of that, a shitload of people got arrested or killed. Somebody for a reason, some for NO REASON. Music started sounding wierder.

Years have went by, but little has the World changed.

I have made something though. It may be very small, compared to the largeness of the World, but I am happy with what I have done. There are a couple of music albums, a lot of photographs, some drawings and a pile of writings. I've also done some designing stuff. Web pages and covers for music albums etc.

Music is my power, and I need Music, but I hate the machines I have to work with. I love recording stuff, and creating Landscapes of Sound, but the fact that I'm doomed to work in my Home is killing me. I'm not able to let my creativeness roam freely, because the computers are not powerful enough. As long as I get someone to help me with my Problem, I just have to cope with it. The Goal can only be atcheev'd with a Little Help From My Friends.

There have been a lot of Bands I've played with. You WOULD mind reading the list, wouldn't you? At the moment I'm playing in a band called At The End. At The End is a Rock-band, and as I am, is looking for a record contract.

Although I've got no record deal, I have published some independent records. Check the list

Photography is something I've always liked. Ruotomieli, the band has used a pile of my photos. You should check them out.

I made my matriculation exam in Raahen Lukio, 2002, after four years of hard labour in school. After that I had to contribute to defending Finland from attackers, as a conscientious objector. I worked in Merikoski Vocational Training Centre for a year. I even wrote a song about it! Nowadays I am studying in Oulun Kulttuurin ja Tekniikan Oppilaitos, to be a carpenter.

Contact me: aeroflot AT murha DOT net No spam please.