Pictures by me.

Nightly Drawings (2002, Deluxe Animation)

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  First I took a picture of Anni eating potato chips. We were hanging out quite a lot during the time in 2000.
  Then Anni took a picture of me eating canned peaches. Canned peaches are still my favourite.
  A raveparty at Myllytulli, Oulu. After taking this picture, a girl invited me to her house to draw a nekkid picture of her.
  Keijo Q of Ruotomieli, having problems with his guitar in Cafe Cuppi, Raahe. The gig was louder than Manowar.
  Janne-Aslak. Right before Ruotomieli's gig in 45 Special.
  Janne, the eldest of my three beloved little brothers. He is using a iron brush to clean a bolt at Pyynikki summer theatre, 2004
  Saarilampi, in Pub Manu, Raahe.
  Pekka Jaakola, after the last Oliver Gig
  Antti Saarilampi, a 50's rebel lookalike
  Asko, coming home from studio. Not frustrated but still not happy.
  A flower, in Oxford University Botanic Garden. I have to admit that I had a horrible hangover when I went there.
  Houses on Howard Street, Oxford. My friend Kim lives near this place. One night a car thief fled from the police past Kim's house and crashed to a couple of cars. I was inside the house, playing Grand Theft Auto - Vice City and didn't hear a thing. When I went outside, there were wrecked cars all over the place.
  I walk past this school almost every day.
  Coverart for Churchill's "Any Questions?" -EP
  Coverart for Oliver's "*****". The band broke up in somewhat fuckedup ways. I'm still sad about what happened. The photos of the flowers were taken by Oliver's singer, Asko Karihtala.
  The back cover of Oliver's "*****". Yet again, photos by Asko.
  Ernesto Aeroflot - Pylon, coverart.