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2:28am, just came back from TERVIS-JAM. I will be leaving to Paimio in about six hours.

I am too lazy to update websites in html anymore, so I will be doing some blogging (in Finnish) at http://dangledoof.blogspot.com so feel free to check it out. There are lots of photographs also.

So, I think Churchill the Band's story is over, at least for some time. People were not interested enough, so we desided to put the band on a vacation. Now Andy is working on a solo album and I will be playing guitar on the record. Next week we will be playing in Raahe, once more.

Ernesto Aeroflot's new record is quite complete, but I haven't been able to find anyone interested enought to release it. I think I'll distribute the album in the internet for free again. Feeling frustrated about it.

I'll keep on updating this site everytime something happens in my musical pursuit, but everyday blahblah will be at my blog.

Cheers and wellbeing to all beings!

It's 11pm and I'm listening to the EVERGOOD Stone Temple Pilots. God damn I love these guitarsounds. I've loved STP since I was twelve and I will never quit.

Monday was once again the Training Day. This time we were playing under the name Keelhaul. Keelhaul is our latest musical creation. It is WAY OUT DUDE! Too bad there already is a band called Keelhaul there, and too bad the band is actually quite good. I recommend it if you are into Hardcore-style, heavy instrumental stuff.

You should also check out Anodyne's HQ. It contains some awesome mp3's. Sounds a bit like Dillinger Escape Plan. GREAT!

I spent some time in Raahe last weekend. On Friday we were at Tommi's, having this nice little 80's party, Kissenpäivät. We listened to some great vinyl records, like Alla Bukacheva and stuff. On Saturday we went to the R-Kellari, to see Jarmo Saari, a Finnish guitarist. The gig was brilliant! The guy just played his guitar all alone, and sounded like a rockin' electroband. If I was to do something like that, I'd try to sound like a fucking Symphony Orchestra! :D

YEah! And I got myself a new pair of shoes! They're leather, they're stiff, and now I've got blisters in my feet! YE!

Hmmm. I'd like to travel.

Yesterday I was at OMVF's ending party. The sweet intoxication has turned its face away from me. I am going through a huge hangover. Blaah. I bought some tools today, a carving knife and some screwdrivers. Now that I've got that carving knife, I can make lots of SPOONS!

Food today:
A handful of Dried slices of soy, boiled in water with some salt and chilipaste for 30minutes.
Excess water to the sink, nice and soft slices of soy onto a frying pan with some butter.
One onion in tiny bits to the pan, add some tomatopure and some cream. Sweet Soy Sauce is a must. I use lots of it. Black pepper will do fine also.
Make some rice and mix it with the sauce you just made. YUM!

Everytime I update my homepage during a hangover, I seem to end up writing something really stupid.

27. - 29.8.2004
New site!
Hmm. Seems like we finished seventh in Assembly 2004's Short Film Compo. Ismo Torvinen and the other kind folks at Oulun Kulttuurin ja Tekniikan Oppilaitos (Yeah yeah, the very same school I am in) made a music video for "Two Dimension Woman", a song I made last winter/spring. The fact that the song has been ready-to-release since then disturbs me very much, and it is not the only unreleased song. There is a PILE of new songs waiting to be put out. If you want to help me in some way, please contact me at aeroflot[insert@here]murha[dot]net.

The video is available for download at www.scene.org
The very same video is competing in Oulun Musiikkivideofestivaalit

Earthbound is a hugely, massively, completely astonishing game! I love it.

I bought a Logitech Z-3 speaker set a couple of weeks ago, because I got my Opintolaina, and I thought I had enough money to buy the set. As I did. But then my bank took about 60eur away from my account and left me with, well what can you say, 60eur LESS money on my account. They told me it was a "Provision" of some kind, of money withdrawals in Oxford this summer. FUCK THAT.

Ancient news.