Music by me

I am looking for a record contract.

Here is a list of all independent releases I have participated in

We finished 7th in Assembly 2004 Short Film Competition with a music video of my song "Two Dimension Woman". The video is directed by Ismo Torvinen and written by Aleksi Kastelli, Sakari Piippo and Ismo Torvinen. Download the video from

You won't find huge amounts of downloadable files here, because I don't want to stuff the internet. Here's something for the pain though:

"Äiti soitti" [.xm]
"Antti tuli" [.xm]
"Aurinkorantatuulia" [.xm]
Hallon och..[.xm]
...Boysenbär [.xm]
Trans-sylvanian Castle with the Evil Professor [.xm]
SkywideJazz-combination [.xm]
Kermaperunat [.xm]
Kuksaus [.xm]
Myrskyluodon Maija [.xm]
Olentohöpötys [.xm]
Pakkanen [.xm]
The Pirske Anthem [.xm]
A Quiet Techno [.xm]
Installing Reason part one [.xm]
Installing Reason part two [.xm]
Reino Ruuvi [.xm]
Rymbäk och Keke [.xm]
Sompoti svasle patorang dooda [.xm]
Valssi de la Ongelma [.xm]
The German and the Netherlandish liftin' feet [.xm]
The Guillotine Man - Propello Man - Saga part one [.xm]
The Guillotine Man - Propello Man - Saga part two [.xm]
The Guillotine Man - Propello Man - Saga part three [.xm]
The Guillotine Man - Propello Man - Saga part four [.xm]
Murheen Kryyni (Soi vienosti murheeni soitto, Oskar Merikanto) [.xm]


These links will take you to places which behold some of my dearest creations.

Ernesto Aeroflot @
Advice For A Youngster @
Oll tolk'n' no Ding atcheev'd @ Monotonik
HGMPIT: Electronic MC-8310 -single (Commie Records, Dogma'00, 2002)
HGMIPT: Thermo-Optical Disco Switch -single (Commie Records, Dogma'00, 2003)