If you're about to leave

My Blog (Finnish but lots of pics!) http://dangledoof.blogspot.com

The Strogloy Store @ Cafepress.com

http://raina.daug.net - Lasse Mattila
http://junkle.daug.net - Jarkko Orava
http://www.kotinet.com/antti.m.juntunen - Antti Juntunen

Ernesto Aeroflot @ Virhe.org (mostly Finnish)

Ernesto Aeroflot @ Mikseri.net
Advice For A Youngster @ Kikapu.com
Oll tolk'n' no Ding atcheev'd @ Monotonik
Two Dimension Woman video @ Scene.org

Things I like
http://www.kidradd.com - Kid Radd, the best online comic ever!

Things I don't like, but I have to live with
An article about Markus Pönkä, a Finnish crook. Only in Finnish. (Mirrored from ojan.net)